Cat is urinating everywhere and peeing on furniture!

Making your cat stop urinating everywhere in the house and peeing on your furniture may be a lot easier than you think, it only needs some consistent cat litter training!

I have recently sent an e-mail in the cat recipes mailing list (yeah subscribe!) that explains how to stop your cat from peeing on your furniture in the house, and since I know some of you are not already subscribed in the mailing list (some fail to learn about its existence) I decided to make it available to you as well until you subscribe to the mailing list. (you will be able to unsubscribe any time you wish)

Here's the link to my original e-mail

And if you can't wait, here's a direct link to the method.

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  2. My kitty Lamen is almost 5, he is very affectionate and over all a well behaived cat. He has a box turtle named Regis as his brother (my other pet, stays in his cage). Almost a year ago Lamen had a urine blockage, caused by his Purina cat food, poor guy had to have a catheder and stay over night at the vet, we then switched his cat food to Royal Canin SO, a wet can food to promote urine health. Before this cat food he would never touch "people" food or beg for food when I was eating. Now that he is on this diet he begs constitantly and is always crying for food, even if he has just been fed. He hasn't had any more blockages, I am happy to report, however the stinker got into the garbage and ate some Q-Tips, which ofcourse got caught in his intestines and he had to have surgery. :( Now that we are back on track, I am looking to switch him over to a more natural, organic, and green way of life and save money, that I am trying to life myself. We tried switching his cat litter to a recycled newspaper version, but it seemed to create more of a hassel, if I didnt scoop it the seccond he went to the bathroom he would find somewhere else to go to the bathroom next time.We switched back to his regular litter. His food is very expensive at the vet; however I am nervous to switch him on food because I do not want him to get sick again, however I have thought about mixing half of his canned diet with a homemade diet. In doing this do I still need to include all those suppliments and calcium? I am a busy person and am looking for something simple and healthy. I am also wondering about the bones, if I am mixing his food with the canned do I need to still grind up bones for his food? And I am not comfortable with serving him raw meat or eggs, how important is it for the meat to be raw? Can I cook it? My last question is on vegtables, should these be raw or cooked? I made a mixture of cooked chicken, kale, carrots and sweet potatoes, and mixed it with the wet cat food, he loved it! Is this good enough?
    Thank you for your time!

  3. Pet owners are realizing just how important nutrition is in the health of their dogs and cats. To capitalize on this consumer awareness, many well known large commercial pet food companies advertise that their food is natural and healthy. The pictures on their bags of food show healthy fresh vegetables and lean cuts of meat.
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  4. Thanks Naomi for your feedback. Actually, if your cat is already used to a dry cat food, it is ok to mix some with the recipes from time to time, but it makes not so much sens to keep buying wet cat food as you can make your own based on the recipes that you can find on this blog or in the cat food guide here:
    To answer your other questions:
    - Meat should be raw if your cat is used to eating it raw, and should be cooked if your cat is not used to eating it raw (otherwise it gets worms ot gets sick), there is not absolute need for meet to be given raw, also this is a raging debate among cat owners.
    - Vegetables should be cooked, and you should not give so much of them to cats as cats are not omnivorous. Vegetables only give supplementation in SOME substances.

    Thanks a lot for your questions.


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