Natural cat food, is it really all natural?

Many people seem to be desperately looking for all natural cat food for their cats by fear of possible bad side effects of chemical additions usually found in commercial cat food.

The question of whether the cat foods being consumed are natural is definitely a false question! what matters most is the quality of the cat food! some vitamin additions for example can indeed be very good for your cat, although it is not natural! my thought is that if you are to purchase commercial (canned or dry) cat food, quality should be your main concern as there is almost no such thing as all natural cat food in the market, unless you made it in your kitchen by yourself.

One additional remark is that you are a lot more likely to find near natural wet cat food than natural dry products!

The best natural cat food you can make will be something using meat and meat byproducts, rice, cooked eggs, probably some cheese, ... etc. You can find a lot of natural cat food recipes in this blog! Once you are familiar with the basic natural ingredients that we use the sky is going to be your sole limit.

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