Homemade allergy free cat food

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Most veterinary products are expensive, but if you look on the ingredient label you'll see that many still have corn, byproducts and such. The cause for pet allergens are the carbohydrates which serve no nutritional value for cats since they are obligate carnivores. All the pet foods sold on the common market contain byproducts, corn.

There are many higher quality cat foods on the market which you can purchase from small pet stores (not like the big pet stores such as Petsmart or Petco). These foods have none of the corn, corn meal or byproducts that causes allergies in cats. Please read this article and maybe this will help you understand why - http://www.preciouspets.org/truth.htm

Anyway, my girl is horribly allergic to nearly all commercially sold pet foods because of corn or corn meal. I tried some of the premium foods that has worked for her and since then she hasn't one allergic reaction. I know have stayed with Innova EVO. It is expensive, but of higher quality and my cat just loves it. They have turkey, chicken, lamb, venison, etc.

All the vet foods contain corn and byproducts and these are the cause for the allergens. Vets only get one semester of nutrition studies for all animals not just one particular animal so they do not have enough or adequate information on nutrition information. I don't want to diss on a vet, because I trust mine, but he was willing to admit this fact to me.

Note: you still can choose recipes from here that are low in carbs and grains in general!


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  2. hi i tried the evo food also but for my cat she threw up withing an hour of eating it. i have found another allergy free food called Natuaral Balance. It has been 18 hours since she has started eating this food and has not thrown up once, none at all!!! For my cat i think this is the one, finally.

  3. My cat is chewing all of his fur off. My vet says it's because he's allergic to his food but I can't find one that makes him stop chewing. @generic, that's what an allergic reaction (or one of them) would look like.