Plan a homemade cat diet

Before you start thinking about the homemade cat diet that you want to plan for your cat, there are numerous questions that you need to ask yourself:

- How old is your cat or kitten? : a few weeks old kitten may should not get the same cat diet of an adult cat! if it is too young, you may want to make homemade cat milk substitute for her instead of a standard science diet cat food.

- Does your cat have any special food habits or dependencies?: If you own an old cat, it may certainly already have some food habits and in the extreme cases dependencies to some food in partocular, you will then have to take this data in consideration when planning your homemade cat diet.

- Does your cat have an allergy? this is a very crucial question, maybe your vet is the one who holds the answer, or you can find out in the internet sites that talk about cat allergies (I'm not a vet) and see if you should see your vet.
A sample allergy cat food recipe cat be found here, use it as a guideline only.

- Does your cat have a kidney disease? : this is a common problem too, the answer is hold by your vet, the same this goes for the last question, special cat diet is required here too.

- Is your cat obese? : this is an important question too! if your cat already has extra pounds, this might mean that you should cut some carbs and fats from its diet

Now that you answered all these questions and found out what you should or should not include in your homemade cat diet , things have become easier to design you own science diet cat food, all you should do is to go to homepage and pick the cat food recipes that are conform to what you need, when you get to the bottom of the page you can click the "see older posts" link to have access to more recipes, or you can pick up a link from the right of the page as all the content and ressources are listed there.

Have a nice time designing your homemade cat diet :)


  1. After you make all your cat diet related decisions, it is time to make your first homemade cat food treat/meal, to get started you can either pick a free homemade cat food recipe from this website or try to make your own cat food recipe based on the cat food ingredients that you can find in another post right here.
    Happy cat feeding ;)

  2. I would like to emphasise on the allergy and kidney disease part! before you make your own homemade cat food, please make sure your cat has no health problems, for instance, if your cat pees everywhere this can be a sign of a kidney disease, seeing your vet will help you be sure about it, and the vet will tell you then what kind of homemade cat food you can make yourself for your cat.

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