what table food can cats eat?

This frequently asked question seems to be endlessly coming over and over, and I think only a good list of table foods that cats can eat will answer this question.
So here's for you a list of common table foods that you can safely share with your cat:

- Meat (of couurse :p).
- Milk (in moderate amounts).
- Pieces of bread.
- Cheese.

It is also important to know what human table food cats cannot eat, because some foods can be deadly for cats, here's a quick list:

- Alcohol.
- Chocolate.
- Bones (to some extent).
- Coffee grounds or beans
- Avocados.
- Raw eggs (Cooked eggs are not dangerous).
- Onions.
- Garlic.
- Raw fish.
- spices.

I will add more items to both lists as I go, it's difficult to list all what a cat can eat (or cannot eat), but I will complement the lists later.

This was an answer to the question: what table food can cats eat?