Automatic cat feeders: what homemade cat food can you put in there?

Did you buy an automatic cat feeder or made one yourself but don't know what to do with it? you don't need to buy commercial dry cat food to use your automatic cat feeder! because guess what? I have a recipe! check my homemade cat cookies recipe right now.

If you need advice making an automatic cat feeder or ideas to feed your cats automatically (not necessarily with a machine, just simple tricks) I am going to write a series of articles on the theme "how to make your own automatic cat feeder" very soon, just keep checking back or subscribe to the blog via rss ..

Good like making food for your automatic cat feeder.

Make your own automatic cat feeder

Ever wanted to have an automatic cat food feeder? why not make your own?! check this video out!

Detailed instructions can be found here

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