How to build a cat tree?

Cats are very playful animals, and as you may have noticed they love to climb all kinds of surfaces but rarely find suitable places to play.

Cat trees are specially crafted materials made for cats to climb and to play with. Even though you can purchase a cat tree online, it is probably not the best cost effective option as it is not so hard to make one! you only need to have good plans to work with and some spare time.

Good plans are needed because many people have built cat trees in the past and observed how cats interacted with it and then modified the trees to optimize them with the cat behavior so that the cat likes it best. By following a plan, you benefit from the experience of other skillful builders who have already gone through the process of building a cat tree over and over.

Until recently good plans where scarce in the internet and one could hardly find anything worth working with. Luckily a cat tree maker has released now a package containing plenty of plans backed with tutorials and construction guideline.

How to stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box?

Okay this is not a recipe but I include it because I feel I absolutely need to share with you this amazing solution to the problem of cats peeing outside the litter box.

Many of you have had annoying and unnecessary trouble with their cat peeing everywhere in the house except their litter box and e-mailed me asking for solutions, now at last, a working solution is available!

This amazing and new method is provided by a friend of mine in the form of a loadable pdf special report, and you can get it Here! (see edit note)

Edit: For some reason I found that including the link to this resources impacts negatively my google rankings. until I fix that, you can subscribe to the mailing list and I will send you the link there very soon! Sorry.

catnip: how to lure your cat with catnip bubbles?

Have you ever heard of catnip? many people don't know this herb of the mint family (also called cat mint), today I will share with you an amazing article on how to lure your cat with catnip bubbles

If you want to find out more about the Nepeta Cataria (catnip), here is the wikipedia entry page for it.


Cat rescue

How do you rescue a cat or a kitten? this is a big question for today! on my way to my office this morning, I stumbled upon a kitten which was starving in the street under the hot sunshine!
The first rescue action that came into my mind was to bring some water for the kitten to rescue it from a sure death, so I went to see a cafe not too far, he was very helpful, but infortunately, when I poured a little water near the cat's mouth and even on it, the cat didn't care about it at all, I guess it was too late for the poor kitten to feel or see ant shed of light anymore!
So the kitten couldn't be rescued and starved in its place!
sorry if this was not a recipe! I will compensate very soon with some amazing cat treats that are to come, and I will see what meal I can prepare specifically for CAT RESCUE so that no poor animals will ever starve in the street never again, hallelujah.

Recipes Baking Cat Treats

Do you need to make your own catfood but can't find recipes for baking delicious and natural cat treats, this is only due to the excess of content in this site (I will clean that later), .. This cat sites contains plenty of good natural human grade and holistic cat food, but due to less specific (interesting) content that was posted lately, you may want to view the older cat food recipes to find what you are looking for.