Homemade Cat Food Recipe for Cats with Kidney Disease

Note: please contact your veterinarian before you use this recipe.

Ingredients Grams
Liver, chicken cooked 21
Rice, white cooked 98
Chicken, white cooked 21
Oil, vegetable 7
Calcium carbonate 0.7
Salt, iodized 0.5
Salt, substitute (KCl 0.5
Total 149
Nutrient Content (%DMB)+

Dry matter 37.8
Protein 24.4
Fat 17.5
Linoleic acid 7.9
Crude Fiber 0.85
Calcium 0.54
Phosphorus 0.29
Magnesium 0.09
Sodium 0.42
Potassium** 0.66
Energy(kcal/100g) 458

Directions: Cook the meets separately then cook the starch component. Grind or finely chop meat if necessary. Mix all other components with this (except the vitamin-mineral supplement). Mix and serve immediately or cover and refrigerate. Serve the vitamin-mineral supplement with the meal; give as a pill or pulverize and thoroughly mix with food before feeding.


  1. This cat food recipe for cats with kidney disease is given only as a guideline, if your cat has severe health issues, it is strongly advised to consult your veterinarian before you serve any homemade cat food recipe to your cat at all!

  2. Thanks for the article, this tutorial was highly important for me to master how to make our own homemade cat food recipes. Kudos

  3. I was wondering how much of a daily intake this recipe amounts to. My cat is really struggling these days but is taking to homemade recipes but I am not sure how much to feed him per sitting

  4. What vitamin mineral supplement? Shouldn't there be taurine in this recipe? Don't you have to be very specific and careful with what you give a cat with kidney disease --- including the type of supplement?