Make your own cat food

Making your own cat food treats from recipes is not only a cost effective option, but a safer one for your cat too! numerous studies have proved that canned cat food can be harmful to many cats especially if they have an allergy, by making your own cat food at home either by following known and proved to be safe recipes or based on your own ideas, you are sure to feed your cat natural food that is safe, rich in nutrients .. and cost effective too.

When you make your own cat food, please be sure to follow the guidelines that are provided in this website to be sure you dont risk the health of your animal. And don't try to make your own cat food using dirty containers or foods, cats can be sensitive to some matters that you may not expect, so be careful!

The easiest way to make your own cat food is to pick random recipes from this blog everyday and make them for your cat and see how it likes it, .. after you experiment a little with different variations of the provided cat food recipes you are going to be able to determine the best diet for your cat and keep it on that.

If you have any remarks or questions, feel free to post a comment.


  1. I've been doing like this before to my cats. And I conclude that, they eat the one that is done by their owner, not just that a crap cat food.

  2. Making your own cat food can be fun. good food keep your cat healthy and happy. i like the link you shared here. thanks for sharing.
    Vet North Shore

  3. thank you so very much for the info my kitties will be soooo much happier and healther

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