Read this before you make any cat food!

PS: This is an e-mail I had sent to the subscribers of my cat-recipes mailing list and for which I kept receiving loads of positive feedback. I thought it would be good to re-share it here. Here you go:


Hi cat lover,

Honestly, there is something I need to tell you about my cat recipes before you read any further!

Let me lay this down all clear!

Although some recipes were not created by me and are vet approved, the vast majority of the recipes were based on my sole personal lifetime experience with cats and I never personnally consulted a vet regarding them!

Now, the reason I never consulted a vet is that my cats never needed to go at the vet's and I have never had to go there .. This fact probably tells you a little about how healthy are my recipies.

Now if you want to push away any remaining worries and get a collection of thouroughly verified and well compiled homemade cat food recipes, there is someone I can point you to that has something amazing to offer you.
Please visit:

The links above leads to the website of a lovable lady who spends her spare time developping healthy and all natural cat food recipes and offers the whole collection at her website for a small fee.

By the time I am writing you this e-mail she has announced a -50% discount on all orders, but you need to hurry up, I think she is just going crazy with her pricing anyway, you'll see, here's the address again:

Enjoy your day,


The cat recipes blog.


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