Cat rescue

How do you rescue a cat or a kitten? this is a big question for today! on my way to my office this morning, I stumbled upon a kitten which was starving in the street under the hot sunshine!
The first rescue action that came into my mind was to bring some water for the kitten to rescue it from a sure death, so I went to see a cafe not too far, he was very helpful, but infortunately, when I poured a little water near the cat's mouth and even on it, the cat didn't care about it at all, I guess it was too late for the poor kitten to feel or see ant shed of light anymore!
So the kitten couldn't be rescued and starved in its place!
sorry if this was not a recipe! I will compensate very soon with some amazing cat treats that are to come, and I will see what meal I can prepare specifically for CAT RESCUE so that no poor animals will ever starve in the street never again, hallelujah.


  1. you needed to give the kitten some meat. the cheapest fresh fish you could buy at the market would suffice. If you wanted, you could cook it partially. seafood doesnt take long to cook anyway. You could get a large cup of boiling water from any coffee stand or coffee shop and just stick the fish in it. So you'll have both the fish and fish broth. Then deliver to the kitten and watch the response.

  2. This is such a sad story I wish more could have been done butat least you tried so many people wouldn't. I love my cats and they are all pound rescues. I found some great information on cats here and wanted to share