Raw meat cat food diet Vs. Mixed cat food Recipes

This is once again a question that keeps coming over and over, whether it is better to stick to meat and meat by products or to make homemade cat food recipes with various available cat foods.
It is somewhat frustrating to know beforehand that no good answer is available, otherwise everyone would have used it.
It is for sure more "natural" to feed raw meat and meat byproducts/leftovers to your cat, since cats have managed thousands of years now to survive by only eating meat. But this doesn't mean that eating meat is healthier than taking diversified meals! nor that it is cheaper and practical!
As a matter of fact, no known cat food recipe has ever banned meat from its ingredients! some people are scared by the idea of preparing something for their cat to eat that is not called raw meat, this conception is very false, cat food recipes are not there to substitute meats but only to complement it, you can find for example in my cat recipes limited grain additions such as brown rice, or oils, or other nutritional additives that complement the cat diet and avoids your lovely cat to get ill.
If you want a quick and easy way to go, keep giving your cat meat and meat by-products as often as you can financially afford, then pick one recipe a day from my website and see how much your cat loves it, .. I am sure you will quickely find your own way out this way, and things will be even easier when your cat will develop stronger eating habits, then you will know exactly what cat food to give it.
Happy feeding.

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