Cat food Vs. Cat shit

Your cat defecates too much? Many people have brought this important subject up in many places in the web, and I feel it deserves to be talked about a little, .. So how one can make homemade cat food that makes the cat produce less crap? many people have sand recipients or even gardens but if you don't have a real huge garden where the cat shit place is really far from where you live, throwing away cat defecates can be a real pain after some months (or years?).
In order for your cat to defecate less, you need to give him food that suits it the best, the more inapropriate, indigest food you give it and the more shit it will cause you to through away (or sand to bring in).
Generally speaking this means to cut grains and fiber-rich vegetables and to boost meat (and meat by-products) servings.
A good instance of this phenomenon is that when new born kittens drink exclusively mother cat milk they practically don't defecate for a few weeks (they only urinate a little), this means that the mother cat milk suits their body so much that they needn't to through away any of it, and that is what you want to be doing like.
If you happen to find better ideas to do that, please be as good as to let us know, by commenting this post below.
Happy homemade cat food making.


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  2. and what's wrong with cats shitting exactly..? If this is so much of a problem for you to pick up their crap, you shouldn't have got them in the first place then. Cats shit, oh my gaad humans shit quite often too !! are u gonna try n find a constipating recipe to stop humans from defecating so much by the way (actually I wouldn't mind that)?? i would actually worry if i didn't find any poops in the litter box every day of the week. my cats always feel better after they've had a big shit(so to speak). It actually shows in their body language : they ooze of well-being, run like crazy 'round the house and get very playful. So what is it you want, a half-constipated cat just so your delicate nostrils may be accomodated? Apart from this which makes my blood boil soz, thanks for the recipes.

  3. Say what you will...but there is a valid point to be made here. I run a cat shelter and know first hand the problem dealing with cat 'refuse'. I too believe that by feeding the proper food you will see a marked decrease in cat excrement. A cat in the wild eats protein. Dry foods are not a normal cat diet. Canned foods contain by-products. If you read about what by-products means you would probably avoid giving this to your cat all together. Unfortunately for most of us the cost of feeding a cat anything else is excessive not to mention the preparation time involved. If you only have a few cats you can feed them a very healthy diet consisting of meat, veggies and fruit. Be sure not to feed anything that may be toxic to the cat.

  4. Thank you everyone for your feedback, to sum things up, I'd say here that the point is scientifically valid, but it should not turn into an obsession to limit cat refuse, which is normal, unavoidable, and even necessary. This is only to be thought of as a motivation to feed more adequate food to the cat's anatomy, as explained firstwave50.