what table food can cats eat?

This frequently asked question seems to be endlessly coming over and over, and I think only a good list of table foods that cats can eat will answer this question.
So here's for you a list of common table foods that you can safely share with your cat:

- Meat (of couurse :p).
- Milk (in moderate amounts).
- Pieces of bread.
- Cheese.

It is also important to know what human table food cats cannot eat, because some foods can be deadly for cats, here's a quick list:

- Alcohol.
- Chocolate.
- Bones (to some extent).
- Coffee grounds or beans
- Avocados.
- Raw eggs (Cooked eggs are not dangerous).
- Onions.
- Garlic.
- Raw fish.
- spices.

I will add more items to both lists as I go, it's difficult to list all what a cat can eat (or cannot eat), but I will complement the lists later.

This was an answer to the question: what table food can cats eat?


  1. I want to see if my cat will eat cheese now :)

  2. are u sure u can give a cat cheese and bread? cuz theres a stray cat in my backyard n i feel really sad for it:(

  3. My lil one enjoys string cheese soooo much!

  4. I am curious as to where you get your information about feeding a cat table scraps, or about a feline diet, because it conflicts with a lot of information I have read, including a book by Michelle T. Bernard called Raising Cats Naturally. Because, bones as you said are bad for cats, are actually natural in their diet, for example when a cat eats a mouse, or bird in the wild, there are bones in that, which is a good source of calcium.

    Also, fish, whether raw or cooked, is bad for cats, it robs the body of Vitamin E and can cause an extremely painful condition called steatitis. Another one thing you may want to research a little, is your information on giving milk to cats, as cats are actually lactose intolerant. I am not trying to attack you, but I think maybe you should take a second look and think a little about what you are posting on this website, especially when it comes to animal health. Especially when other people are reading this information and trusting that you know what you're talking about.

  5. A great deal of things are alright; but everything in moderation.

  6. To the person who said cats can't eat any type of fish, of course cats can eat fish, why do you think most cat foods have fish in them? And by 'they can't eat bones' I think the websitw owner means big bones, not the tiny bones of mice etc. Also, not all cats are lactose-intolerant, some are some aren't the same as humans.

  7. probably specifically the author was referring to COOKED bones, which most human table food bones would be, because for example, chicken bones when cooked become brittle and break into sharp shards. I know it's true for dogs, it's likely true for cats as well.

  8. whatever dumb ass feeds bones to their cats really shouldnt own one =/

    and cats should only have dairy products in moderation

    buy cat food and you cant go wrong

  9. my cat LOVES eating a ham ad cheese grill cheese, and chicken, are doretos or any sort of chips good fpr cats cause my cat loves eating junk food

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