make your own beef and rice cat food

As you know, your cats may not eat rice if fed alone to them, and beef is expensive in most countries, and it is not practical to feed your cat exclusively with raw or cooked beef meat.
Furthermore, beef alone may not be sufficient to proprerly nourish your cat (too low in carbs), this is why I suggest that you feed your cat today using this beef and rice cat food recipe.

Ingredients: (for one adult cat)
- one big cup of cooked rice.
- 1/2 lbs of cooked beef meat.
- 2 spoons of oil.
- one half cup of beef sauce.

How to make it:
No witchcraft this time, just mix everything all together and serve hot or cool to your cat(s).

That's all about making cat food with beef and rice. As you may have noticed, beef and rice are a basis for many recipes, .. personnally I find it to be a very good foundation to make almost any cat recipe, you just take rice and beef (or ground meat such as chicken or turkey) and you add some fish, a little milk, or (almost) anything else!

Have a nice time making your own beef and rice cat food using these free homemade cat recipe.

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  1. I would like to suggest the homemade catfood recipe I posted on my blog, Artsy Catsy, at

    One of the critical elements in any catfood recipe is that it contain the nutrient taurine, which is vitally important to cats. Including clams in the recipe provides taurine.

    Artsy Catsy

  2. As I understand it, cats by nature derive a lot of their nutrients AND calories from animal sources, with carbs being a relatively modest portion (as in the stomach contents of prey). I use a recipe based on ground meat (usually chicken or turkey for higher taurine) followed by rice and chicken liver (organic or anti-biotic free), and a bit of carefully measured cat vitamin. The chicken liver is very nutritious and has a lower vitamin A content than beef liver, but I still limit it to 1/4-1/3 of the recipe by weight.

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  4. Grains have no food value for cats. Some, particularly corn, are often a source of food allergies. These are present because they are cheaper than meat products and their only function is to lower the cost of the product. Grain free food is preferred.