The chicken heads cat food revisited

Welcome back to this blog, I had previously talked about chicken heads, and said it was a real low cost and nutrient rich cat food alternative that you can either serve cooked or raw depending on your cat diet opinions/beliefs.

Unsurprisingly, I have received an amazing amount of positive feed back from many cat lovers around the world asking for more information. Consequently I will give you here two ways you can make quality cat meals using the chicken heads.

First thing you should know is how to get large amounts of chicken heads! In many countries it's just a matter of asking the butcher to give you some heads for free or for a ridiculous fee, .. however in some other places of the world, the chickens are industrially conditioned in special places, you need then to go there and ask if you can get some kilos/pounds of heads weekly or something, and you will need to store it in the fridge.

Now that you got the chicken heads, you will need to clean them and eventually cook them before you give them to your cats, I suggest you use one of the following two methods:

Method1: Clean the heads, take away some of the fur, crack them with a hammer, and feed them RAW to your cats.

Method2: Clean the heads, cook them in boiling water for 5 minutes, then cool them, take away the gelatine/fat, take away the fur, crack them with a hammer, eventually extract the brains (cats looove chicken brains!), and serve them to your cats.

Nutritionaly speaking, chicken heads are basically just pieces of meat and bones (cats will not eat the bones and the bill), it is a very convenient food for your cat, it is just like feeding them meet, except that this is fantastically cheaper.
But don't rely on this alone! I encourage you to serve some cat recipes that are based on fish as well, and maybe other foods to improve the balance your homemade cat diet ... this blog is a perfect place to find free homemade cat food recipes anyway, just check the older posts or do a search in the box above ;)


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